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Ask a Manager
» how to handle a serious mistake on a self-evaluation, asking candidates what other jobs they’re considering, and more
» updates: the office pooper, the fake brainstorming meeting, and more
» is my employee trying to sabotage me?
» should I tell my employer about my boundary-crossing coworker?
» my boss won’t stop contacting me after my hospitalization, do I use the bathroom too much, and more
» update: I bit my coworker
» don’t make these 6 mistakes at work this month
» do I really have to wear high heels to a job interview?
» employee is torturing her office mate with constant questions, sending a holiday card to your job interviewer, and more
» 10 Ask a Manager letters that will make you glad you’re single
» updates: the small lies, the boundary violator, and more
» weekend free-for-all – December 9-10, 2017
» updates: the friend-boss and more
» updates: the juvenile boss, the smelly essential oils, and more
» update: my coworker copies everything I do
» open thread – December 8-9, 2017
» should I hang my degree in my office, employee invited a toxic guest to our holiday party, and more
» update: my employee’s son is scamming her out of money, and I’m worried
» updates: the mirror gazer, the sick day lie, and more
» tell us your strangest office holiday stories
» my staff took offense to my Facebook post, private dinner ahead of a holiday party, and more
» update: my coworker keeps calling me his “work mom”
» our new assistant doesn’t have boundaries
» the person who holds the job I’m applying for doesn’t like me
» asking my assistant to return my change, I’m freezing at my desk, and more
» updates: requiring an employee to be in the office more, the psychological interviews, and more
» update: my employee dressed up as a coworker for Halloween to mock her
» being forced to perform a team dance at the holiday party, and other questions about holidays at work
» my work clothes are revealing more than I intended
» my interviewer’s wife told people about my job search, my date to the holiday party is a coworker, and more
» update: my employee didn’t give a coworker the message that his wife was in surgery, and now everyone hates him
» advice for first-time managers
» update: my coworker thinks I’m being abused – I’m actually into BDSM
» you can save serious money on holiday shopping
» my hair looks different than when I interviewed, we turned in our IT director, and more
» weekend free-for-all – December 2-3, 2017
» 3 updates: the boss crush, the bad volunteer, and more
» open thread – December 1-2, 2017
» asking a coworker to introduce me to her celebrity friends, losing expensive work equipment, and more
» can I leverage a job offer to get my organization to fire my boss?
» 3 updates from letter-writers (the candidate who lied, the pumping teacher, and more)
» my boss doesn’t care about me personally or professionally
» my boss pushes me to buy things from her spouse, jobs that want a 2-week trial period, and more
» now you can pre-order the new Ask a Manager book
» should I tip off my coworker that he’s getting laid off?
Penny Arcade
ScienceDaily Anthropology
Anthropology News -- ScienceDaily

» African genetic diversity to unlock disease susceptibility
» Genetics preserves traces of ancient resistance to Inca rule
» Revising the story of the dispersal of modern humans across Eurasia
» More than 1,000 ancient sealings discovered
» Venezuelan rock art mapped in unprecedented detail
» Litte Foot takes a bow
» New approach measures early human butchering practices
» Storytellers promoted cooperation among hunter-gatherers before advent of religion
» Genes identified that distinguish mammals from other animals
» Copy of 'Jesus' secret revelations to his brother' discovered by biblical scholars
» Sea-level rise predicted to threaten more than 13,000 archaeological sites in southeastern US
» Prehistoric women had stronger arms than today's elite rowing crews
» Abominable Snowman? Nope: Study ties DNA samples from purported Yetis to Asian bears
» A horse is a horse, of course, of course -- except when it isn't
» Archaeologist says fire, not corn, key to prehistoric survival in arid Southwest
» Growing teeth and a backbone: Studies trace early origins of skeletal tissues
» Ancient barley took high road to China
» Ancient fish scales and vertebrate teeth share an embryonic origin
» Human evolution was uneven and punctuated
» Wooden shoes: Long-lasting issues from inflexible clogs
» Rising inequality charted across millennia
» Chimp study reveals how brain's structure shaped our evolution
» Archaeology: Medieval treasure unearthed at the Abbey of Cluny
» Archaeologists find earliest evidence of winemaking
» Finger and toe fossils belonged to tiny primates 45 million years ago
» Neolithic farmers coexisted with hunter-gatherers for centuries in Europe
» Height and weight evolved at different speeds in the bodies of our ancestors
» Archaeologists unearth 'masterpiece' sealstone in Greek tomb
» Mammals switched to daytime activity after dinosaur extinction
» Caribbean islands reveal a 'lost world' of ancient mammals
» Excavation in Northern Iraq: Sasanian loom discovered
» Agricultural productivity drove Euro-American settlement of Utah
» Genetic history: Searching for the African roots of Noir Marron communities
» Luck plays a role in how language evolves, team finds
» Early humans and dawn of human information sharing
» Could the Neolithic Revolution offer evidence of best ways to adapt to climate change?
» Caribbean's largest concentration of indigenous pre-Columbian rock art
» 6,000-year-old skull could be from the world's earliest known tsunami victim
» Could squirrel fur trade have contributed to England's medieval leprosy outbreak?
» How Neanderthals influenced human genetics at the crossroads of Asia and Europe
» Older Neanderthal survived with a little help from his friends
» Archaeologists uncover cuneiform archive in Iraq’s Kurdish region
» Legibility emerges spontaneously, rather than evolving over time
» Crops evolving ten millennia before experts thought
» Ancient DNA offers new view on saber-toothed cats' past
» Study reshapes understanding of climate change's impact on early societies
» Newfoundland populated multiple times by distinct groups, DNA evidence shows
» Paleogenomic analysis sheds light on Easter Island mysteries
» Last common ancestor of humans and apes weighed about five kilograms
» The making of medieval bling
» Evolutionary stepping stone to beet-red beets discovered
» Prehistoric humans are likely to have formed mating networks to avoid inbreeding
» Liverwort genes and land plant evolution
» Morbidity and mortality of leprosy in the Middle Ages
» Bones reveal social differences between the people buried in dolmens and those in caves
» Monstrous crocodile fossil points to early rise of ancient reptiles
» Basis of development of vertebrate limb muscles has been established in cartilaginous fishes
» Meet the hominin species that gave us genital herpes
» Scandinavia's earliest farmers exchanged terminology with Indo-Europeans
» New clues from brain structures of mantis shrimp