Associated Press
» Toney, Notae score 18, No. 10 Arkansas beats Little Rock - Associated Press
» CNN fires Chris Cuomo after helping with brother's scandal - Associated Press
» No. 22 Michigan State builds big lead, tops Toledo 81-68 - Associated Press
» UC Davis upends NAIA-member Cal Merced 81-40 - Associated Press
» Playoff bound: Bama rolls No. 1 Georgia 41-24 for SEC title - Associated Press
» N. Dakota St. grinds S. Illinois for 38-7 FCS playoff win - Associated Press
» Goodwin lifts No. 20 USC over Washington State 63-61 - Associated Press
» Howard hands American 7th-straight loss with 90-56 win - Associated Press
» Cole leads shorthanded UConn to 88-59 rout of Grambling St. - Associated Press
» CBS: Alabama's John Metchie not expected to return to game - Associated Press
» Sam Houston goal-line stand stops UIW 49-42 in FCS playoff - Associated Press
» Morikawa pulls away in Bahamas, takes big step toward No. 1 - Associated Press
» No. 20 La.-Lafayette tops App St. 24-16 for Sun Belt title - Associated Press
» Ohio holds off St. Francis (PA) behind Sears - Associated Press
» No. 4 Baylor dominates Arkansas-Pine Bluff for 99-54 win - Associated Press
» Script flip... SMU pulls down curtain on Vandy in 84-72 win - Associated Press
» Cole Johnson, JMU storm into FCS quarterfinals, 59-20 - Associated Press
» No. 12 BYU pulls out win at Missouri State 74-68 - Associated Press
» Montana State runs over UT Martin, into FCS quarterfinals - Associated Press
» Broncos rule out ailing running back Melvin Gordon at KC - Associated Press
» ETSU rallies to edge Kennesaw 32-31 in FCS 2nd round - Associated Press
» Utah St routs No. 19 San Diego St 46-13, wins Mountain West - Associated Press
» W. Carolina gets bench support in 78-73 win over SC Upstate - Associated Press
» Sherman scores 27 as West Virginia tops Radford 67-51 - Associated Press
» Syracuse snaps Florida State's long homecourt winning streak - Associated Press
» Union without 11 players for MLS East final against NYCFC - Associated Press
» Washington state confirms first 3 cases of omicron variant - Associated Press
» Connecticut prisons suspend in-person visits due to virus - Associated Press
» Winning numbers drawn in 'Lotto' game - Associated Press
» No shortage of sanction options if Russia invades Ukraine - Associated Press
» 1 dead after building collapse in Goldsboro, NC - Associated Press
» Austin: Allies, innovation key to US competition with China - Associated Press
» Police kill Florida Tech student armed with 'edged weapon' - Associated Press
» Voters protest disqualification of Venezuelan candidate - Associated Press
» Man wounded after being shot by New Hampshire trooper - Associated Press
» Edward Shames, last 'Band of Brothers' officer, dies at 99 - Associated Press
» CNN fires Chris Cuomo for helping brother deal with scandal - Associated Press
» No. 3 Cincinnati claims AAC crown, possible playoff spot - Associated Press
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Ars Technica
» Raised by Wolves S2 teaser reminds us why we loved the series—until the S1 finale
» Activision Blizzard “will not be a part” of this year’s Game Awards show
» Meta’s failed Giphy deal could end Big Tech’s spending spree
» What will it take to end deforestation by 2030?
» COVID vaccinations spike in US as delta rages and omicron looms
» New Peacemaker trailer gives us a redeemable villain we might learn to like
» iPhones of US diplomats hacked using “0-click” exploits from embattled NSO
» AT&T failed to fix Ohio man’s broken Internet service for a month
» This enthusiast’s keyboard and trackball used to launch nuclear missiles
» FTC sues Nvidia to preserve Arm’s status as “Switzerland” of semiconductors
» Valve shows off final packaging, carrying case for the Steam Deck
» Emails show what happened before Missouri gov. falsely called journalist a “hacker”
» Microsoft restores individual “default browser” setting in Windows 11 preview
» Luna Display lets you wirelessly use a Mac as second Windows monitor
» Apple AirTags being used by thieves to track high-end cars to steal
» NASA sets sail into a promising but perilous future of private space stations
» Andrew and Lee do The Wheel of Time episode five: Funerals everywhere!
» Ars Technica’s ultimate board game gift guide, 2021 edition
» Rocket Report: SLS may face delay due to engine issue, Astra goes orbital
» So metal: Newly discovered exoplanet is likely over 80 percent iron
Quanta Magazine
» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» Lakefront Trail, Chicago, IL USA
» Touring handlebar bag suggestions needed
» Paddy field trip!
» Can we talk about the Brompton folding pedal?
» Latest update: Mirrors that make it unable to fully fold🙄
» What's with this clicking on the spokes? It seems like the derailleur is poking them slightly, should I be worried? Will this damage the spokes?
» Inexperienced with bike maintenance - is it ok to just give the brompton a quick blast in the shower?
» Outbound Lighting Road Edition on Brompton
» What is this hooked thin loop on the rear frame for?
» Is there a way to lube the Sturmey - Archer 3 speed hub without taking it a part?
» Any recommendations to upgrade Brompton pedals?
» Are small wheels better to accelerate?
» Does anyone here have experience with using pedal spacers?
» Issues Installing B&M Light Upgrade
» I Need Some Perspective on the Clones
» Certainly not as grand as many of yours, but I’m still awed during my once weekly commute through my city’s train station - Philadelphia’s 30th street
» Set up for a Century?
» Folding bikes big and small, form follows function or vice versa.
» New flexible mudguards - on online store - £25 a set
» If you’ve been waiting to buy the shiny new aluminium clamp and rear frame set, it’s live on now for £75. Yes, seventy five pounds.
» Got my new C Line Explore just in time for snow! Close-up of new grip and Lezyne pump included
» 4 gear P line vs 6 gear Superlight
» Brompton new vs
» A nice story
» Used the Muc-off Pressure Washer and could not be happier, highly recommend
Science Daily
» Footprints from site a at Laetoli, Tanzania, are from early humans, not bears
» Ancient lineage of algae found to include five 'cryptic' species
» Extinct swordfish-shaped marine reptile discovered
» Farmers spread Transeurasian languages
» Collapse of ancient Liangzhu culture caused by climate change
» Prehistoric mums may have cared for kids better than we thought
» Ancient human relative, Australopithecus sediba, 'walked like a human, but climbed like an ape'
» Archaeologists discover salt workers’ residences at underwater Maya site
» Justinianic Plague was nothing like flu and may have struck England before it reached Constantinople, new study suggests
» Perceptual links between sound and shape may unlock origins of spoken words
» Easternmost Roman aqueduct discovered in Armenia
» Humans hastened the extinction of the woolly mammoth
» Spread of Transeurasian languages was due to agriculture
» Fossil elephant cranium reveals key adaptations that enabled its species to thrive as grasslands spread across eastern Africa
» Partial skull of a child of Homo naledi: Insight into stages of life of remarkable species
» How bread wheat got its gluten: Tracing the impact of a long-lost relative on modern bread wheat
» New species of human ancestor named: Homo bodoensis
» Evidence of prehistoric human activity in Falkland Islands
» More than ceremonial, ancient Chaco Canyon was home, new study says
» Red paint on 1,000-year-old gold mask from Peru contains human blood proteins
» The surprising origins of the Tarim Basin mummies
» What big teeth you have: Tooth root surface area can determine primate size
» Nearly 500 ancient ceremonial sites found in southern Mexico
» Traces of an ancient road in a lake
» Early dinosaurs may have lived in social herds as early as 193 million years ago
» Rise of the war machines: Identifying key drivers of the evolution of military technology in pre-industrial societies
» Europeans in the Americas 1000 years ago
» Small-scale foragers left more than footprints on the landscape
» Plant-eating lizards on the cusp of tooth evolution
» Early modern human from Southeast Asia adapted to a rainforest environment
» Primates’ ancestors may have left trees to survive asteroid
» Ancient feces shows people in present-day Austria drank beer and ate blue cheese up to 2,700 years ago
» Popular theory of Native American origins debunked by genetics and skeletal biology
» Ancient city could have been destroyed by cosmic airburst, evidence suggests
» Ten millennia of hepatitis B virus evolution described
» Multiple individuals are buried in the Tomb of Nestor’s Cup, study finds
» Line and hook fishing techniques in Epipaleolithic Israel
» A study of skull growth and tooth emergence reveals that timing is everything
» Late persistence of human ancestors at the margins of the monsoon in India
» Zeroing in on the origins of Earth’s 'single most important evolutionary innovation'
» Cosmic impact destroyed a biblical city in Jordan Valley
» In Guatemala, archaeologist helps to uncover hidden neighborhood in ancient Maya city
» Deep roots of the 'Anthropocene' can be found in tropical forests
» Answering a century-old question on the origins of life
» The origin and legacy of the Etruscans
» Earliest evidence of human activity found in the Americas, researchers report
» Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on dark event in medieval Spain
» Those earrings are so last year – but the reason you're wearing them is ancient
» Early Homo sapiens groups in Europe faced subarctic climates
» Blowing up medieval gunpowder recipes
» Maya rulers put their personal stamp on monumental complexes
» Modern activities follow the contours of ancient Teotihuacan
» South American musical instruments reflect population relationships
» Ancient DNA rewrites early Japanese history -- modern day populations have tripartite genetic origin
» Fossil: New species of otter discovered in Germany
» Climatically driven landscape evolution during warm periods
» Ancient bone tools found in Moroccan cave were used to work leather, fur
» Milk enabled massive steppe migration
» Hand and footprint art dates to mid-Ice Age
» Prehistoric humans rarely mated with their cousins, research shows
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