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» Pollen analysis suggests peopling of Siberia and Europe by modern humans occurred during a major Pleistocene warming spell
» Probing the deep genetic structure of Africa
» Ritual use of human remains dating from the Neolithic
» Ancient Amazonians intentionally created fertile 'dark earth'
» Archaeologists discover world's oldest wooden structure
» Slow growth in crocodile ancestors pre-dated their semi-aquatic lifestyle
» Prehistoric fish fills 100 million year gap in evolution of the skull
» Tiny sea creatures reveal the ancient origins of neurons
» Buried ancient Roman glass formed substance with modern applications
» Study links epigenetic changes to historic trauma in Alaska Native communities
» St Helena's 'liberated' Africans came from West Central Africa between northern Angola and Gabon
» 'Monstrous births' and the making of race in the nineteenth-century United States
» Human shoulders and elbows first evolved as brakes for climbing apes
» Pioneering research sheds surprising new light on evolution of plant kingdom
» Causes of the Qing Dynasty's collapse: Parallels to today's instability
» The scent of the afterlife unbottled in new study of ancient Egyptian mummification balms
» Three-eyed distant relative of insects and crustaceans reveals amazing detail of early animal evolution
» Wastewater pipe dig reveals 'fossil treasure trove'
» Malaysian rock art found to depict elite -- Indigenous conflict
» Buffalo slaughter left lasting impact on Indigenous peoples
» Bronze Age family systems deciphered: Palaeogeneticists analyse a 3,800-year-old extended family
» Ancient metal cauldrons give us clues about what people ate in the Bronze Age
» Unveiling Japan's ancient practice of cranial modification: The case of the Hirota people in Tanegashima
» Iceman Ötzi: Dark skin, bald head, Anatolian ancestry
» Key role of ice age cycles in early human interbreeding
» China's oldest water pipes were a communal effort
» A climate-orchestrated early human love story
» How a massive North Atlantic cooling event disrupted early human occupation in Europe
» Ancient DNA reveals an early African origin of Cattle in the Americas
» Researchers discuss the ethical challenges of studying DNA from a 18th--19th century African American community
» 'Time-traveling' pathogens in melting permafrost pose likely risk to environment
» New insights into the origin of the Indo-European languages
» Family trees from the European Neolithic
» Butterflies and moths share ancient 'blocks' of DNA
» Giant stone artefacts found on rare Ice Age site in Kent, UK
» Humans' evolutionary relatives butchered one another 1.45 million years ago
» Lessons in sustainability, evolution and human adaptation -- courtesy of the Holocene
» 'We're all Asgardians': New clues about the origin of complex life
» Cave excavation pushes back the clock on early human migration to Laos
» Focus on function helps identify the changes that made us human
» Face of Anglo-Saxon teen VIP revealed with new evidence about her life
» Study shows ancient Alaskans were freshwater fishers
» Fossil study sheds light on famous spirals found in nature
» First hominin muscle reconstruction shows 3.2 million-year-old 'Lucy' could stand as erect as we can
» Remains at Crenshaw site are local, ancestors of Caddo
» Scientists investigate the evolution of animal developmental mechanisms, show how some of Earth's earliest animals evolved
» New method traces ancestry of hybrid plants and animals
» Lingering effects of Neanderthal DNA found in modern humans
» Life before air conditioning: Curly hair kept early humans cool
» Ancient genomes show that the farming lifestyle in northwestern Africa was ignited by oversea-migrants from Iberia 7,400 years ago
» Remains of an extinct world of organisms discovered
» Geneticists discover hidden 'whole genome duplication' that may explain why some species survived mass extinctions
» 4,000-year-old plague DNA found -- the oldest cases to date in Britain
» Early toilets reveal dysentery in Old Testament Jerusalem
» Dinosaurs were the first to take the perspectives of others
» Earliest evidence of wine consumption in the Americas found in Caribbean
» Humanity's earliest recorded kiss occurred in Mesopotamia 4,500 years ago
» Homo sapiens likely arose from multiple closely related populations
» New study illustrates unique genetic landscape in Newfoundland and Labrador with links to Ireland and England
» Researcher uses mammal DNA to zoom into the human genome with unprecedented resolution
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