» Faces from the coronavirus frontlines - Reuters
» FAA chief set to conduct 737 MAX evaluation flight next week - Reuters
» Peru to further open economy in October as coronavirus cases drop - Reuters
» EV maker Xpeng, its CEO invest in air taxi startup - Reuters
» Trump extends drilling ban off North Carolina - Reuters UK
» NEWSMAKER-Trump Supreme Court pick Barrett known for conservative religious views - Reuters
» UPDATE 1-Trump extends drilling ban off North Carolina, Virginia - Reuters
» G20 exploring structural approaches to boost funding for developing countries - Reuters
» South Korea asks North Korea to probe shooting of a South Korean official - Reuters
» Beijing autoshow: Demand rebound, EV boom mix with murky outlook - Reuters Canada
» Biden accuses Trump of silence on 'dictator' in Belarus - Reuters Canada
» Minnesota, Oregon and Utah report record one-day increases in COVID-19 cases - Reuters India
» Some 3,500 U.S. companies sue over Trump-imposed Chinese tariffs - Reuters India
» Rays storm back to dent Phillies' playoff hopes - Reuters
» U.S., UK sign agreement on artificial intelligence - Reuters India
» Mainland China reports 15 new COVID-19 cases vs. eight a day earlier - Reuters India
» Padres fall to Giants but clinch No. 4 seed for playoffs - Reuters
» Costa Rica signs up for COVAX vaccines for one million doses - Reuters India
» Military plane carrying air force cadets crashes in Ukraine, killing 22 - Reuters India
» Trudeau says he will 'take into account' U.S. drug import plans but will put Canadians first - Reuters India
» Facebook critics launch rival oversight board - Reuters India
» LCR Honda employee positive for coronavirus at Catalan Grand Prix - Reuters UK
» Details on Trump's $200 cards for Medicare users scarce and conflicted - Reuters India
» 'It worked': In New York City, pandemic-inspired outdoor dining to become permanent - Reuters India
» Thai activists protest in front of king's German villa - Reuters India
» New Zealand 'disappointed' to cancel Belgium friendly - Reuters UK
» Space bubbles ease New York restaurant troubles - Reuters India
» Poland's president says migrants should stay close to their countries - Reuters India
» Palestinian leader calls for U.N.-led peace conference early next year - Reuters India
» Breonna Taylor's family demands to see Kentucky grand jury evidence - Reuters UK
» Trump to nominate conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett to succeed Ginsburg, sources say - Reuters India
» Oregon Gov. 'incredibly worried' about Proud Boys rally - Reuters
» 'Space bubbles' offer safety at NYC restaurant -
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» Primate brain size does not predict their intelligence
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» Ancient human footprints in Saudi Arabia give glimpse of Arabian ecology 120000 years ago
» Scientists identify gene family key to unlocking vertebrate evolution
» World's largest DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons reveals they weren't all Scandinavian
» Historical climate fluctuations in Central Europe overestimated due to tree ring analysis
» Thousands of species recorded in a speck of soil
» An evolutionary roll of the dice explains why we're not perfect
» New fossil ape discovered in India
» The oldest Neanderthal DNA of Central-Eastern Europe
» Ancient bony fish forces rethink of how sharks evolved
» A 400-year-old chamois will serve as a model for research on ice mummies
» Study reveals lactose tolerance happened quickly in Europe
» New mathematical method shows how climate change led to fall of ancient civilization
» Radiocarbon dating and CT scans reveal Bronze Age tradition of keeping human remains
» Following African elephant trails to approach conservation differently
» Warmer, acidifying ocean brings extinction for reef-building corals, renewal for relatives
» Helminth infections common in Medieval Europe, grave study finds
» Early Cambrian fossil: Bizarre half-billion-year-old worm with tentacles solves evolutionary mystery
» First complete dinosaur skeleton ever found is ready for its closeup at last
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» Syphilis may have spread through Europe before Columbus
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» Neanderthals may have had a lower threshold for pain
» Foxes have been eating humans' leftovers for 42,000 years
» Earliest humans stayed at the Americas 'oldest hotel' in Mexican cave
» Neanderthals of Western Mediterranean did not become extinct because of changes in climate, study shows
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» Scientists trace and identify origin of smallpox vaccine strains used in Civil War
» Hyksos, 15th Dynasty rulers of Ancient Egypt, were an internal takeover
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