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Ask a Manager
» me talking about bringing kids to work (and dogs too)
» should you let your boss know you’re job searching?
» my employee shouted “F*** you!” at a coworker — but he was provoked
» my coworker forged an email, employee keeps asking for pay advances, and more
» weekend free-for-all – August 19-20, 2017
» update: why should employers care about my long commute?
» open thread – August 18-19, 2017
» who should pay for a medical emergency while on work travel, office AC wars, and more
» how do I tell my friend that I’m about to become his boss?
» 3 updates from letter-writers (the text tantrum, the reverse job fair, and returning to the old job)
» ask the readers: how can I balance kids, marriage, and a job, when I sometimes have to work in the evening?
» coworker wants to bring puppy to work, working in a coffee shop after graduating, and more
» is it okay for your bra straps to show at work?
» how can I get employees to find answers for themselves?
» I don’t want to eat or travel alone with people of the opposite sex
» summer intern is awful, boss wants me to make a PowerPoint for her raise request, and more
» the ethics of firing racist protesters
» I hate my new employee
» I get angry when my coworkers make mistakes
» I’m in trouble for forwarding emails, did job candidate really do the work she claims, and more
» what’s up with this patronizing rejection letter?
» update: I won’t be considered for a promotion unless I promise not to leave if my coworker gets the job
» is it unprofessional to wear the same clothing item twice in a work week?
» my coworker wants to pull me into her counteroffer, boss is going to trash-talk me when I leave, and more
» weekend free-for-all – August 12-13, 2017
» how can I get my employees to stop socializing in front of clients?
» open thread – August 11-12, 2017
» our customers talk about our sizes, sending interview questions in advance, and more
» update: my aunt and uncle are extreme helicopter parents — and I work with their son
» update: my coworker won’t stop caressing me — or the kids we work with
» what benefits do you get?
» interviewer called me the weakest candidate, being asked for pay stubs during salary negotiation, and more
» 3 updates from letter-writers (the acne, the ghoster, and the texting boss)
» is it unprofessional to use emoticons in work emails?
» do you really have to stay at a job for at least a year?
» my boss complains about me to my parents, my boss doesn’t want me to work while traveling, and more
» update: my boss made me leave a work note at a grave
» our interns are clueless about our office dress code
» new employee insists we call her “Mrs. ____” even though we all use first names
» should I tell my boss I’ve had a crush on him, I got in trouble for a private conversation, and more
» update: my boss’s kid punched me in the groin
» the federal government is taking up overtime pay again
» a conversation with a job seeker frustrated by an interviewer
» my boss worries I’ll get pregnant, I accused my husband’s coworkers of sleeping with him, and more
» weekend free-for-all – August 5-6, 2017
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ScienceDaily Anthropology
Anthropology News -- ScienceDaily

» Ocean channel in Bahamas marks genetic divide in Brazilian free-tailed bats
» Archaeologists uncover ancient trading network in Vietnam
» Citrus fruits were the clear status symbols of the nobility in the ancient Mediterranean
» Early Indian Ocean trade routes bring chicken, black rat to eastern Africa
» Archeologists uncover new economic history of ancient Rome
» New genomic insights reveal a surprising two-way journey for apple on the Silk Road
» Analysis finds defeat of Hannibal 'written in the coins of the Roman Empire'
» Archaeologists uncover 3,000-year-old female statue at citadel gate complex in Turkey
» Origins of DNA folding suggested in archaea
» Ancient DNA used to track Mesa Verde exodus in 13th century
» Arrival of modern humans in Southeast Asia questioned
» Ancient pottery reveals insights on Iroquoian population's power in 16th century
» Human bones may have been engraved as part of a cannibalistic ritual
» First winged mammals from the Jurassic period discovered
» Extinction mystery solved? Evidence suggests humans played a role in monkey's demise in Jamaica
» New 13-million-year-old infant skull sheds light on ape ancestry
» Amateur collectors in Japan discover country's first and oldest fossil diving bird
» New look at archaic DNA rewrites human evolution story
» DNA from Viking cod bones suggests 1,000-year history of European fish trade
» Origin of human genus may have occurred by chance
» On the early human's menu: Mammoth and plenty of raw vegetables
» Secrets of ancient Irish funeral practices revealed
» First civilizations of Greece are revealing their stories to science
» Genome sequencing shows spiders, scorpions share ancestor
» Bronze Age Iberia received fewer Steppe invaders than the rest of Europe
» Malaria already endemic in the Mediterranean by the Roman period
» Algorithms identify the dynamics of prehistoric social networks in the Balkans
» Identifying major transitions in human cultural evolution
» Traces of adaptation and cultural diversification found among early North American stone tools
» Cultural flexibility was key for early humans to survive extreme dry periods in southern Africa
» 'Residual echo' of ancient humans in scans may hold clues to mental disorders
» Archaeologists find key to tracking ancient wheat in frozen Bronze Age box
» In saliva, clues to a 'ghost' species of ancient human
» Artifacts suggest humans arrived in Australia earlier than thought
» Ancient Greek theaters used moveable stages more than 2,000 years ago
» Easter Island not victim of 'ecocide,' analysis of remains shows
» DNA of early Neanderthal gives timeline for new modern human-related dispersal from Africa
» Gigantic crocodile with T. rex teeth was a top land predator of the Jurassic in Madagascar
» Utah is home to earliest use of a wild potato in North America
» Genetic evidence from the South Caucasus region shows surprising long-term stability
» In Turkey, carved skulls provide the first evidence of a neolithic 'skull cult'
» Analysis of Neanderthal teeth grooves uncovers evidence of prehistoric dentistry
» Remains of early, permanent human settlement in Andes discovered
» Reconstruction of ancient chromosomes offers insight into mammalian evolution
» Tiny fossils reveal backstory of the most mysterious amphibian alive
» Ancient DNA reveals role of Near East and Egypt in cat domestication
» Animal evolution: Hot start, followed by cold shock
» Multispectral imaging reveals ancient Hebrew inscription undetected for over 50 years
» Dawn of humanity: Neanderthal-Homo sapiens transition
» Student makes big discovery during anthropology dig on battle site
» Homo sapiens 100,000 years earlier: Ancestors' diet of game revealed
» Genetic study shakes up the elephant family tree
» How the Arctic Ocean became saline
» Why was a teenager with bone cancer buried on Witch Hill in Panama?
» The first genome data from ancient Egyptian mummies
» Just how old are animals?
» Genomics tracks migration from lost empires to modern cities
» Ancient DNA evidence shows hunter-gatherers and farmers were intimately linked
» Ancient Peru: Major discovery of early human life
» 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains found in the Balkans