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» DNA from ancient packrat nests helps unpack Earth's past
» Earliest interbreeding event between ancient human populations discovered
» Dog domestication during ice age
» Ancient plant foods discovered in Arnhem Land, Australia
» Discovery at 'flower burial' site could unravel mystery of Neanderthal death rites
» Researchers Were Not Right About Left Brains, Study Suggests
» 5200-year-old grains in the eastern Altai Mountains redate trans-Eurasian crop exchange
» Boom and bust for ancient sea dragons
» Disease found in fossilized dinosaur tail afflicts humans to this day
» Easter Island society did not collapse prior to European contact, new research shows
» 9,900-year-old Mexican female skeleton distinct from other early American settlers
» Ocean temperatures impact Central American climate more than once thought
» Is human cooperativity an outcome of competition between cultural groups?
» Hot pots helped ancient Siberian hunters survive the Ice Age
» Neanderthal ancestry also in African populations
» Early North Americans may have been more diverse than previously suspected
» Assessing geographic origins of ancient humans
» Hungry for hutia? Our taste for Bahamas' 'most peaceable rodent' shaped its diversity
» 3,000-year-old teeth solve Pacific banana mystery
» Traces of the European enlightenment found in the DNA of western sign languages
» Tw writers penned landmark inscriptions in 8th-century BCE Samaria
» Anthropologists confirm existence of specialized sheep-hunting camp in prehistoric Lebanon
» First ancient DNA from West/Central Africa illuminates deep human past
» Native Americans did not make large-scale changes to environment prior to European contact
» How human social structures emerge
» Human ancestors may have eaten hard plant tissues without damaging teeth
» Study traces evolution of acoustic communication
» Glimpse into ancient hunting strategies of dragonflies and damselflies
» 'Living fossil' may upend basic tenet of evolutionary theory
» Pachacamac Idol of ancient Peru was symbolically painted
» Study puts the 'Carib' in 'Caribbean,' boosting credibility of Columbus' cannibal claims
» Dogs and wolves are both good at cooperating
» Ancient Mediterranean seawall first known defense against sea level rise and it failed
» Researchers determine age for last known settlement by a direct ancestor to modern humans
» Pair living as stepping stone from solitary life to complex societies
» Fossils of the future to mostly consist of humans, domestic animals
» Ancient 'chewing gum' yields insights into people and bacteria of the past
» Archaeologists find Bronze Age tombs lined with gold
» Ancient events are still impacting mammals worldwide
» How humans learned to dance: From the chimpanzee conga line
» A new early whale, Aegicetus gehennae, and the evolution of modern whale locomotion
» Researchers analyze artifacts to better understand ancient dietary practices
» Isotope analysis points to prisoners of war, 1,400 years ago
» When penguins ruled after dinosaurs died
» How does language emerge?
» Ostrich eggshell beads reveal 10,000 years of cultural interaction across Africa
» Humans co-evolved with immune-related diseases -- and it's still happening
» Inbreeding and population/demographic shifts could have led to Neanderthal extinction
» Unique sled dogs helped the inuit thrive in the North American Arctic
» Barbequed clams on the menu for ancient Puerto Ricans
» Smoker-survivor genes may have long ancestral history of fighting toxins
» Scientist excavates medieval Uzbek cemetery
» An ancient snake's cheekbone sheds light on evolution of modern snake skulls
» Not so selfish after all -- Key role of transposable elements in mammalian evolution
» Lichens are way younger than scientists thought
» DNA data offers scientific look at 500 years of extramarital sex in Western Europe
» Extinct giant ape directly linked to the living orangutan
» Scientists explore Egyptian mummy bones with X-rays and infrared light
» 'Ghost' footprints from Pleistocene era revealed by radar tech
» First adult molars are 'living fossils' that hold a 'health record' dating back to the womb
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