Associated Press
» US expected to authorize mix-and-match COVID booster shots - Associated Press
» Greece vows to link Egypt's energy grid to European Union - Associated Press
» Rapper formerly known as Kanye West is now just Ye - Associated Press
» UK faces calls for 'Plan B' with virus cases high and rising - Associated Press
» Russia hits another record of daily coronavirus deaths - Associated Press
» Spain makes it easier for young migrants to legalize status - Associated Press
» About a third of Premier League players not fully vaccinated - Associated Press
» Romania hits record infections, deaths amid vaccination lag - Associated Press
» 1-stop Asia trips for PGA in Japan, LPGA in South Korea - Associated Press
» Manager Aaron Boone re-signed by Yankees to 3-year contract - Associated Press
» MacKinnon clears COVID protocols, could play for Avs at Caps - Associated Press
» Car carrying migrants crashes in Greece; 1 dead, 9 injured - Associated Press
» BC-The Conversation for October 19, 10am, ADVISORY - Associated Press
» Villanova tabbed to win Big East by conference coaches - Associated Press
» NEC Nijmegen's stadium closed pending stand collapse probe - Associated Press
» Banchero, No. 9 Duke headline preseason ACC basketball picks - Associated Press
» US home construction declines 1.6% in September - Associated Press
» Workers denied COVID-19 vaccine exemptions sue hospital - Associated Press
» Lincoln police: Man used large pole to kill another man - Associated Press
» Alabama veterans board wants inquiry into chemical exposure - Associated Press
» Heavy rains trigger floods in northern India, killing 22 - Associated Press
» US Rep. Jeff Fortenberry of Nebraska expects to be indicted - Associated Press
» COVID-19 and pregnancy: Women regret not getting the vaccine - Associated Press
» Horse hit and killed by vehicle in Enfield - Associated Press
» Walz launches reelection campaign in divided Minnesota - Associated Press
» Exchange of gunfire in St. Louis kills 2, injures 2 - Associated Press
» Woman reaches plea deal after daughter found dead amid filth - Associated Press
» Reward offered for information in Iowa killing - Associated Press
» Gardening: In praise of pole pruners, and no ladder climbing - Associated Press
» UK terror-prevention program questioned after lawmaker slain - Associated Press
» US regulators lay out plan for over-the-counter hearing aids - Associated Press
» Jamie Foxx shares parenting lessons and stories in new book - Associated Press
» Vermont police searching for woman, 22, missing 3 days - Associated Press
» Dog attacks, kills 6-month-old Tennessee baby - Associated Press
» Alex Murdaugh is denied bond on $3M theft charges - Associated Press
» Fire burns large apartment complex near downtown Boulder - Associated Press
» Mill closures create tough market for logging in Wisconsin - Associated Press
» Burlington City Council votes to increase police department - Associated Press
» Amazon eyes Albuquerque airport for new cargo facility - Associated Press
» State revenues are up after top earners paid more in taxes - Associated Press
» Chief: Police fatally shot Florida teen pointing air rifle - Associated Press
» Vegas police: Death of person in custody under investigation - Associated Press
» Teen killed, another wounded in south Jersey shooting - Associated Press
» Police: NY man stabbed father, father's girlfriend to death - Associated Press
» Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx looks back at lean, driving years - Associated Press
» UK music streaming faces scrutiny from competition watchdog - Associated Press
» This Date in Baseball - Associated Press
» Owner of Massachusetts convenience store killed - Associated Press
» As Bitcoin goes mainstream, Wall Street looks to cash in - Associated Press
» Nearly 100 women sworn in as judges in Egypt judicial body - Associated Press
» Mills backs federal plan to tackle PFAS contamination - Associated Press
» Japan's PM interrupts campaign as N Korea test fires missile - Associated Press
» Student pilot killed in Traill County plane crash - Associated Press
» Iowa National Guard members to help resettle Afghan refugees - Associated Press
» Michigan redistricting panel: 'Show up, speak up' on maps - Associated Press
» Lawyer who represented George Zimmerman arrested in Florida - Associated Press
» Highway worker killed, co-worker injured in Indiana crash - Associated Press
» Suits allege 29 companies discriminated against renters - Associated Press
» Man dies after waiting 38 minutes for St. Louis ambulance - Associated Press
» Rockford man gets life in prison for rapper's 2019 slaying - Associated Press
» Wisconsin Senate to vote on longer work hours for teenagers - Associated Press
» North Carolina police see bank robbers switch getaway cars - Associated Press
» Evictions rise as state COVID-19 protections begin to lift - Associated Press
» Detainee dies at Shawnee County Adult Detention Center - Associated Press
» Agency hears testimony on disputed section of $1B power line - Associated Press
» Spanish court throws out lawsuit against US treasure hunters - Associated Press
» 2 teachers face charges from entering wrong home, shooting - Associated Press
» AP Sportlight - Associated Press
» CEO: Dominion wants money back from anti-Youngkin PAC - Associated Press
» Police: Parents killed in buggy crash, 8 kids hurt - Associated Press
» Grammys release inclusion requirement to ensure diverse show - Associated Press
» Back to gravity: Russians talk about world's 1st space movie - Associated Press
» UN: 10000 children killed or maimed during Yemen's long war - Associated Press
» Three charged with murder of Alabama teen playing in bedroom - Associated Press
» France returns marble angels stolen from Italy church in '89 - Associated Press
» In Cuba, divisions over law to allow same-sex marriage - Associated Press
» Agent: Georgia deputies unjustified in stopping man who died - Associated Press
» Idaho board OKs legal fees in lost ballot initiative case - Associated Press
» Man convicted in deadly road rage attack near St. Charles - Associated Press
» Auburn University boosting minimum wage for employees - Associated Press
» Man convicted in bartender's 2017 killing - Associated Press
» Dutch prosecutors place Eritrean on most wanted list - Associated Press
» Kansas City suburb bans LGBTQ conversion therapy - Associated Press
» Train riders held up phones as woman was raped, police say - Flipboard
» Alex Murdaugh asks to leave jail after 5 days behind bars - Flipboard
» Seahawks believe rally at Steelers is sign of a turnaround - Flipboard
» EU top official says Polish ruling is a threat to the bloc - Flipboard
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Linux Weekly News
Ars Technica
» New Linux laptop offers RTX 3080 and 144 Hz 17-inch screen
» Supporters and opponents of SpaceX launch site air their concerns
» Myth, busted: Spider silk might not have antibiotic properties after all
» With no new Apple monitors, here are the best high-res screens for your Mac
» Valve’s “Deck Verified” program evaluates which Steam games are Steam Deck-ready
» Starts at $1,999, ends at $6,099: Here’s what the new MacBook Pros will cost you
» Disinformation guru “Hacker X” names his employer:
» macOS Monterey is coming to a Mac near you on October 25
» Apple intros 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros with display notches, M1 Pro, and M1 Max
» Apple’s 3rd-generation AirPods arrive next week with a new design, spatial audio
» Liveblog—All the fun stuff from Apple’s “Unleashed” event
» Anti-vaccine school in Florida tells kids to stay home if they get a COVID shot
» Toyota sets aside $3.4 billion for American electric vehicle batteries
» Lucy’s solar panel hasn’t latched—a problem for a mission powered by the Sun
» Stellantis will open a 40 GWh/year battery plant in the US in 2024
» Facebook AI moderator confused videos of mass shootings and car washes
» The Good Life review: A messy RPG as unique as it is ridiculous
» Before the new version, let’s revisit 1984’s Dune—the greatest movie ever made
» Review: Needle in a Timestack explores how love endures when time is in constant flux
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Quanta Magazine
» Brompton Tips, FAQ and Troubleshooting Wiki
» I failed at dyeing my Borough bag but obtained this interesting result
» Brompton e-bike android app
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» I regret buying an E-Brompton
» Question on Brompton stock brakepads
» Not a shill: Just wanted to say I'm pleased with the Joseph Kuosac suspension block
» How to identify serial of old models?
» Riding the LF Kustroute - part 2
» After 1½ year running the chain I decided to give it a fair treatment and TLC. Still waiting for the right stretch to get another SRAM. I love PowerLink connector!
» Brompton Autumn Adventures in NYC
» Carradice Bagman + Saddle Bag: Love this setup for a day ride!
» Hello, I have to replace my derailleur cable, can i use any derailer cable or is it brompton specific ?
» Getting that average speed higher bit by bit. In my defence though, it was windy.
» Today we took my girlfriend’s new Brompton (the green one) on its inaugural ride.
» My Theseus Paradox S2L: Only original parts left are extremities, seat post, seat, and handlebar/grips lol
» Very rainy 45km ride to Richmond Park
» My upgraded B75 ❤️
» Installed extended seatpost , feels great to be at the right hight! ( I'm 1m82. ) Quick test ride on Ottawa river Canada trail.
» Brompton order for S2Lx delayed further to 2023
» Help with new accessories
» Brompton Unboxing in 2021. Do you remember the first time you get your Brompton?
» Since I bought my used Brompton in 2020, so far it's been to five countries. What is the furthest you've brought your bike? Is everyone shocked not only by the small wheels/folding, but also the pricetag?
» My new townie style bar.
» Will tightening this stop seat post sliding down during ride?
» Easy Wheels are in stock on the Brompton US site
Science Daily
» Plant-eating lizards on the cusp of tooth evolution
» Early modern human from Southeast Asia adapted to a rainforest environment
» Primates’ ancestors may have left trees to survive asteroid
» Ancient feces shows people in present-day Austria drank beer and ate blue cheese up to 2,700 years ago
» Popular theory of Native American origins debunked by genetics and skeletal biology
» Ancient city could have been destroyed by cosmic airburst, evidence suggests
» Ten millennia of hepatitis B virus evolution described
» Multiple individuals are buried in the Tomb of Nestor’s Cup, study finds
» Line and hook fishing techniques in Epipaleolithic Israel
» A study of skull growth and tooth emergence reveals that timing is everything
» Late persistence of human ancestors at the margins of the monsoon in India
» Zeroing in on the origins of Earth’s 'single most important evolutionary innovation'
» Cosmic impact destroyed a biblical city in Jordan Valley
» In Guatemala, archaeologist helps to uncover hidden neighborhood in ancient Maya city
» Deep roots of the 'Anthropocene' can be found in tropical forests
» Answering a century-old question on the origins of life
» The origin and legacy of the Etruscans
» Earliest evidence of human activity found in the Americas, researchers report
» Ancient DNA analysis sheds light on dark event in medieval Spain
» Those earrings are so last year – but the reason you're wearing them is ancient
» Early Homo sapiens groups in Europe faced subarctic climates
» Blowing up medieval gunpowder recipes
» Maya rulers put their personal stamp on monumental complexes
» Modern activities follow the contours of ancient Teotihuacan
» South American musical instruments reflect population relationships
» Ancient DNA rewrites early Japanese history -- modern day populations have tripartite genetic origin
» Fossil: New species of otter discovered in Germany
» Climatically driven landscape evolution during warm periods
» Ancient bone tools found in Moroccan cave were used to work leather, fur
» Milk enabled massive steppe migration
» Hand and footprint art dates to mid-Ice Age
» Prehistoric humans rarely mated with their cousins, research shows
» Meat-heavy diets restricted hunter-gatherer population sizes
» Ancient teeth reveal surprising diversity of Cretaceous reptiles at Argentina fossil site
» Environmental conditions of early humans in Europe
» New insights on date palm evolution using 2,200-year old leaf found in ancient Egyptian temple
» Transatlantic slave trade introduced novel pathogenic viruses in the Americas
» New evidence supports idea that America’s first civilization was made up of ‘sophisticated’ engineers
» New evidence supports idea that America's first civilization was made up of 'sophisticated' engineers
» Prehistoric climate change repeatedly channelled human migrations across Arabia
» Exploring the past: Computational models shed new light on the evolution of prehistoric languages
» Beer drinking 9,000 years ago in Southern China
» Record number of ancient elephant bone tools discovered
» Learning from a 'living fossil'
» Plants evolved ability to actively control water-loss earlier than previously thought
» Central European prehistory was highly dynamic
» Oldest genome from Wallacea shows previously unknown ancient human relations
» New fossil species represents ancient forerunner of most modern reptiles
» The Hobbit’s bite gets a stress test
» Scholars dispel claims of cannibalistic Caribs
» What if our history was written in our grammar?
» Genetic histories and social organization in Neolithic and Bronze Age Croatia
» Philippine Ayta people have the most Denisovan DNA, study finds
» Bronze Age farmers gave preferential treatment to cows over domesticated sheep, goats
» 137 human genomes from the Middle East fill gaps in human history
» Researchers use AI to unlock the secrets of ancient texts
» Understanding past climate change 'tipping points' can help us prepare for the future
» Neanderthal and Denisovan blood groups deciphered
» Research 'final nail in the coffin' of Paranthropus as hard object feeders
» Why weren't New World rabbits domesticated?
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