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» A history of the Crusades, as told by crusaders' DNA
» The secret to a stable society? A steady supply of beer doesn't hurt
» These beetles have successfully freeloaded for 100 million years
» Is one toe really better than three? How horse' legs evolved for travel rather than speed
» Megalith tombs were family graves in European Stone Age
» The history of humanity in your face
» New species of early human found in the Philippines
» Evolution from water to land led to better parenting
» Woolly mammoths and Neanderthals may have shared genetic traits
» Digging ancient signals out of modern human genomes
» Ancient, four-legged whale with otter-like features found along the coast of Peru
» Human history through tree rings: Trees in Amazonia reveal pre-colonial human disturbance
» Rise of religion pre-dates Incas at Lake Titicaca
» Researchers find ancient Maya farms in Mexican wetlands
» North Africans were among the first to colonize the Canary Islands
» New light on origins of modern humans
» First Anatolian farmers were local hunter-gatherers that adopted agriculture
» Hepatitis B virus sheds light on ancient human population movements into Australia
» Diet-induced changes favor innovation in speech sounds
» Unique diversity of the genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula revealed by dual studies
» Prehistoric Britons rack up food miles for feasts near Stonehenge
» Changes in rat size reveal habitat of 'Hobbit' hominin
» From Stone Age chips to microchips: How tiny tools may have made us human
» Fossil teeth from Kenya solve ancient monkey mystery
» Horseshoe crabs are really relatives of spiders, scorpions
» Proofs of parallel evolution between cognition, tool development, and social complexity
» Hundreds of children and llamas sacrificed in a ritual event in 15th century Peru
» Some worms recently evolved the ability to regrow a complete head
» Modern beer yeast emerged from mix of European grape wine, Asian rice wine yeast
» How megalodon's teeth evolved into the 'ultimate cutting tools'
» New findings shed light on origin of upright walking in human ancestors
» Oldest tattoo tool in western North America
» High-tech laser scans uncover hidden military traverse at Alcatraz Island
» New research casts doubt on cause of Angkor's collapse
» Climate change contributed to fall of Cahokia
» Neanderthals walked upright just like the humans of today
» Origins of giant extinct New Zealand bird traced to Africa
» Pottery reveals America's first social media networks
» Neanderthals' main food source was definitely meat
» Homo sapiens colonized South Asian rainforest by hunting small mammals 45,000 years ago
» Biodiversity on land is not higher today than in the past, study shows
» Indigenous hunters have positive impacts on food webs in desert Australia
» Dog burial as common ritual in Neolithic populations of north-eastern Iberian Peninsula
» Neanderthal footprints found in Gibraltar
» 'X-ray gun' helps researchers pinpoint the origins of pottery found on ancient shipwreck
» New technique pinpoints milestones in the evolution of bacteria
» Prehistoric food globalization spanned three millennia
» A taste for fat may have made us human
» Medieval inks for heritage conservation
» Over 800 new genome regions possibly relevant to human evolution identified
» The Caucasus: Complex interplay of genes and cultures
» Sexing ancient cremated human remains is possible through skeletal measurements
» Deep history of archaic humans in southern Siberia
» Ancient Mongolian skull is the earliest modern human yet found in the region
» Challenges of curating ancient biomolecules
» Humans colonized diverse environments in Southeast Asia and Oceania during the Pleistocene
» Crocodiles have complex past
» Human mutation rate has slowed recently
» A surprisingly early replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans in southern Spain
» Scientists confirm pair of skeletons are from same early hominin species
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