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» Review: 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy
» 10269 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy announced!
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» Shedding light on darker parts of our genetic heritage
» Maternal secrets of our earliest ancestors unlocked
» Out of Africa and into an archaic human melting pot
» Environment, not evolution, might underlie some human-ape differences
» Ancient Roman port history unveiled
» New virus found in one-third of all countries may have coevolved with human lineage
» Ancient epigenetic changes silence cancer-linked genes
» Tracing the roots: Mapping a vegetable family tree for better food
» Lead pollution in Arctic ice shows economic impact of wars and plagues for past 1,500 years
» Ancient molar points to interbreeding between archaic humans and Homo sapiens in Asia
» Ancient DNA sheds light on the origins of the Biblical Philistines
» Maize-centric diet may have contributed to ancient Maya collapse
» Bonobo diet of aquatic greens may hold clues to human evolution
» Neanderthals made repeated use of the ancient settlement of 'Ein Qashish, Israel
» What made humans 'the fat primate'?
» Neanderthals used resin 'glue' to craft their stone tools
» Archaeological mystery solved with modern genetics
» Retracing ancient routes to Australia
» Human migration in Oceania recreated through paper mulberry genetics
» Early Celts in Burgundy appropriated Mediterranean products and feasting practices
» New study shows how environmental disruptions affected ancient societies
» Dark centers of chromosomes reveal ancient DNA
» The evolution of puppy dog eyes
» Past climate change: A warning for the future?
» 9,000 years ago, a community with modern urban problems
» Origins of cannabis smoking
» Diet at the docks: Living and dying at the port of ancient Rome
» Breakthrough in the discovery of DNA in ancient bones buried in water
» Trailblazing findings on the properties of daguerreotypes
» Ancient DNA from Roman and medieval grape seeds reveal ancestry of wine making
» Dramatic change in ancient nomad diets coincides with expansion of networks across Eurasia
» Scientists get a grip on sloth family tree
» DNA from 31,000-year-old milk teeth leads to discovery of new group of ancient Siberians
» Ancient DNA sheds light on Arctic hunter-gatherer migration to North America around 5,000 years ago
» Details of first historically recorded plague pandemic revealed by ancient genomes
» Snout dated: Slow-evolving elephant shark offers new insights into human physiology
» Oldest flaked stone tools point to the repeated invention of stone tools
» Ancient feces reveal parasites in 8,000-year-old village in Turkey
» Ancient DNA tells the story of the first herders and farmers in east Africa
» Declining fertility rates may explain Neanderthal extinction
» Early humans used northern migration routes to reach eastern Asia
» Research reveals the link between primate knuckles and hand use
» Exploring the origins of the apple
» Mites and ticks are close relatives, new research shows
» Spanish flu may have lingered two years before 1918 outbreak and vaccine could have treated it
» Cocktails with Cleopatra?
» High-quality jadeite tool discovered in underwater ancient salt works in Belize
» Farmers have less leisure time than hunter-gatherers
» Earliest evidence of the cooking and eating of starch
» Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago
» Neanderthals and modern humans diverged at least 800,000 years ago, research on teeth shows
» Chewing gums reveal the oldest Scandinavian human DNA
» New data platform illuminates history of humans' environmental impact
» Uncovering a 5000-year-old family tragedy
» Ancient DNA suggests that some Northern Europeans got their languages from Siberia
» Abrupt climate change drove early South American population decline
» Statistical study finds it unlikely South African fossil species is ancestral to humans
» Freshwater mussel shells were material of choice for prehistoric craftsmen
» Origin of Sino-Tibetan language family revealed by new research
» First hominins on the Tibetan Plateau were Denisovans
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