» Iran's leader promises retaliation for nuclear scientist's killing - Reuters
» UK police arrest over 60 in anti-lockdown protests - Reuters
» Factbox: The Biden Cabinet - President-elect begins to build a team - Reuters
» Fire breaks out at Oppo India factory, no casualties - police - Reuters
» Russia scrambles fighter jet to escort U.S. spy plane over Black Sea: RIA - Reuters
» Qatar condemns killing of Iranian nuclear scientist - statement - Reuters
» Police fire tear gas at Paris protest against police violence - Reuters
» Serum Institute CEO sees AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine as 'very good' candidate - Reuters Canada
» Names of new cardinals installed by Pope Francis - Reuters
» Pope installs new cardinals, including first African-American - Reuters Canada
» Inter strike early to end Sassuolo's unbeaten run - Reuters UK
» Syria says killing of Iran's nuclear scientist a 'terrorist act' that will fuel more tensions - Reuters
» Turkey's daily coronavirus death toll hits record for sixth day in a row - Reuters UK
» UK regulator set to approve COVID-19 vaccine next week - FT - Reuters UK
» Meronk overcomes rocky start to keep Alfred Dunhill Championship lead - Reuters Canada
» Militant attack on farm in northern Nigeria leaves 40 dead: sources - Reuters Canada
» Cologne stun hosts Dortmund 2-1 with Skhiri double - Reuters UK
» Late penalty leaves Liverpool with draw at Brighton - Reuters UK
» Italy reports 26,323 new coronavirus cases, 686 deaths - Reuters India
» Koeman hopes to see revitalised Messi against Osasuna - Reuters UK
» Mahrez hat-trick as Manchester City thrash Burnley 5-0 yet again - Reuters UK
» Britain records 15,871 new coronavirus cases, 479 deaths - Reuters UK
» Bayern made to sweat for 3-1 win at Stuttgart - Reuters UK
» Own goal gives dominant Atletico sixth straight La Liga win - Reuters UK
» Marinos made to wait as Shanghai defeat Japanese champions - Reuters UK
» Russia's Nord Stream 2 to resume pipe-laying in Germany's Exclusive Economic Zone - Reuters UK
» British sailor Thomson abandons Vendee Globe after damaging rudder - Reuters UK
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» Ancient blanket made with 11,500 turkey feathers
» Identical evolution of isolated organisms
» Middle Stone Age populations repeatedly occupied West African coast
» Hidden 15th-century text on medieval manuscripts
» Lurking in genomic shadows: How giant viruses fuel the evolution of algae
» Geoscientists discover Ancestral Puebloans survived from ice melt in New Mexico lava tubes
» Teaching and complex tools 'evolved together'
» X-ray imaging of a beetle's world in ancient earthenware
» Genetic code evolution and Darwin's evolution theory should consider DNA an 'energy code'
» Newly discovered fossil shows small-scale evolutionary changes in an extinct human species
» Cockroach mating habits and developmental features help uncover insect evolution
» Population dynamics and the rise of empires in Inner Asia
» Population dynamics and the rise of empires in Inner Asia
» Early big-game hunters of the Americas were female, researchers suggest
» New research traces the origins of trench fever
» Sea-level rise will have complex consequences
» Just like us - Neanderthal children grew and were weaned similar to us
» New study finds earliest evidence for mammal social behavior
» Resilience in the face of climate change: Archaeological investigations reveal human adaptability in ancient Turkey
» Study of ancient dog DNA traces canine diversity to the Ice Age
» Denisovan DNA in the genome of early East Asians
» Bison engravings in Spanish caves reveal a common art culture across ancient Europe
» The rhythm of change: What a drum-beat experiment reveals about cultural evolution
» Can individual differences be detected in same-shaped pottery vessels by unknown craftsmen?
» Inks containing lead were likely used as drier on ancient Egyptian papyri
» War songs and lullabies behind origins of music
» Ancient Maya built sophisticated water filters
» Cognitive elements of language have existed for 40 million years
» Turbulent era sparked leap in human behavior, adaptability 320,000 years ago
» Oldest securely dated evidence for a river flowing through the Thar Desert, Western India
» Climate change likely drove early human species to extinction, modeling study suggests
» Modern humans took detours on their way to Europe
» A tiny jaw from Greenland sheds light on the origin of complex teeth
» Past tropical forest changes drove megafauna and hominin extinctions
» Evolution of the Y chromosome in great apes deciphered
» Battling with neighbors could make animals smarter
» Disproportionate extinction of South American mammals when Americas collided evident today
» 6,500-year-old copper workshop uncovered in the Negev Desert's Beer Sheva
» A tale of two cesspits: DNA reveals intestinal health in Medieval Europe and Middle East
» Rodent ancestors combined portions of blood and venom genes to make pheromones
» The ancient Neanderthal hand in severe COVID-19
» Modern humans reached westernmost Europe 5,000 years earlier than previously known
» The testimony of trees: How volcanic eruptions shaped 2000 years of world history
» Primate brain size does not predict their intelligence
» Y chromosomes of Neanderthals and Denisovans now sequenced
» Stability check on Antarctica reveals high risk for long-term sea-level rise
» Placing barthelonids on the tree of life
» When painting reveals increases in social trust
» Computational study of famous fossil reveals evolution of locomotion in 'ruling reptiles'
» Mapping the 1.6 billion people who live near forests
» Raids and bloody rituals among ancient steppe nomads
» Ancient human footprints in Saudi Arabia give glimpse of Arabian ecology 120000 years ago
» Scientists identify gene family key to unlocking vertebrate evolution
» World's largest DNA sequencing of Viking skeletons reveals they weren't all Scandinavian
» Historical climate fluctuations in Central Europe overestimated due to tree ring analysis
» Thousands of species recorded in a speck of soil
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