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Ask a Manager
» work questions from Friends, Gilmore Girls, Jane Austen, and more
» open thread – March 24-25, 2017
» I want to stop cleaning our office, my interview was unfairly cancelled, and more
» is it time for me to ask for a promotion?
» update: my coworker has punched and kicked me under the table at meetings
» the things you don’t know about work when you’re early in your career
» boss texts constantly and blows up if I don’t respond immediately, boss refers to my girlfriend as my “roommate,” and more
» I want to help my easily frustrated coworker roll with the punches
» my boss wants me to pick up my coworker’s slack
» my coworkers seem to wish I were my predecessor
» my boss won’t accept my new married name, telling an interviewer that the job isn’t realistic, and more
» my boss tried to get my manicurist to tell her where I’m going after I leave this job
» I work with a mansplainer
» how can I be a good manager to an employee who barely speaks to me?
» employees aren’t covering their tabs when we go out for meals, my office is freezing, and more
» my interviewer asked to reschedule and then never got back to me
» why your boss won’t give you a raise
» how can I get my freelancers to turn in their work on time?
» my assistant quit because of St. Patrick’s Day pinching
» asking a client to cover child care costs, did I over-share about my new salary, and more
» weekend free-for-all – March 18-19, 2017
» update: I racked up $20,000 in personal charges on my company credit card
» open thread – March 17-18, 2017
» my boss is insisting I get my tonsils out, my applicants including cover letters, and more
» I resigned, and my employer asked me to write them a check
» update: our museum volunteer is out of control
» ask the readers: misconceptions about work when you’re early in your career
» I can’t get back to my desk if I forget my access card, my boss is upset with my new employer, and more
» I can’t work for my old boss again — and the job I’m in the running for might be hiring him
» should you post your resume on online job boards?
» my coworker won’t stop talking about how stressed she is, and it makes me stressed out too
» contacting my daughter’s employer about her affair, former coworkers keep asking if I have a new job yet, and more
» are you obligated to speak up when you’re unhappy at work?
» how can I get my staff to stop making trivial complaints all day?
» our coworker lied about having a sick child and a rich fiance
» can I give my coworker part of my raise, calling a coworker’s actions “unacceptable,” and more
» when no one gives you an opening to negotiate salary
» key phrases to use when you talk to your boss
» how can I stop being afraid every time my manager wants to talk to me?
» my assistant is constantly gazing in the mirror, lying to employers about salary, and more
» weekend free-for-all – March 11-12, 2017
» I share a desk set-up with an engaged couple
» open thread – March 10-11, 2017
» I’m being compared to a coworker with less work, fired because my manager lied about having a degree, and more
» my boss’s boss keeps asking me where she is
Penny Arcade
ScienceDaily Anthropology
Anthropology News -- ScienceDaily

» New study shakes the roots of the dinosaur family tree
» New perspective on the European colonization of Asia
» Human skull evolved along with two-legged walking, study confirms
» Paleozoic echinoderm hangover: Waking up in the Triassic
» 400,000-year-old fossil human cranium is oldest ever found in Portugal
» The controversial origin of a symbol of the American west
» Bones, teeth reveal the harsh conditions endured by the ancestors of indigenous Finnish cattle and sheep breeds, particularly in the Middle Ages
» Dental plaque DNA shows Neanderthals used 'aspirin'
» Silk Road evolved as 'grass-routes' movement
» Aboriginal hair shows 50,000 year connection to Australia
» The protective layer of prehistoric land plants
» The selection of archaeological research material should be re-evaluated
» Vision, not limbs, led fish onto land 385 million years ago
» Modern hunter-gatherers relocate to maximize foraging efficiency, study finds
» 100,000-year-old human skulls from east Asia reveal complex mix of trends in time, space
» Newfound primate teeth take a big bite out of the evolutionary tree of life
» Puzzle of the Maya pendant
» New evidence on the diet of the 'Homo antecessor' from Atapuerca
» Ancient humans arrived in South America in multiple waves
» The toy boat that sailed the seas of time
» Europeans brought new strains of ulcer-causing bacterium to pre-Columbian Americas
» Neanderthal DNA contributes to human gene expression
» Historic cultural records inform scientific perspectives on woodland uses
» Giving weight to Darwin's theory of 'living fossils'
» Genetic data show mainly men migrated from the Pontic steppe to Europe 5,000 years ago
» Radiocarbon dating and DNA show ancient Puebloan leadership in the maternal line
» Scarcity of resources led to violence in prehistoric central California
» Linguist's 'big data' research supports waves of migration into the Americas
» A cultural catch: Evolution of wooden halibut hooks carved by native people of the northwest coast
» Temple culture in Ptolemaic Egypt alive and kicking
» Digging deeper: Using new archaeological techniques to uncover more about our past
» Deeper origin of gill evolution suggests 'active lifestyle' link in early vertebrates
» Broken pebbles offer clues to Paleolithic funeral rituals
» Chimpanzee feet allow scientists a new grasp on human foot evolution
» Persistent tropical foraging in the highlands of terminal Pleistocene/Holocene New Guinea
» Computational methods applied to big datasets are compelling tools for historical linguistics
» Shifting monsoon altered early cultures in China, study says
» Genomes in flux: New study reveals hidden dynamics of bird and mammal DNA evolution
» Spiny, armored slug reveals ancestry of molluscs
» 'Fantastic mosaic' and home with underfloor heating among new evidence discovered from Leicester's Roman past
» Baltic hunter-gatherers began farming without influence of migration, ancient DNA suggests
» Low level of oxygen in Earth's middle ages delayed evolution for two billion years
» Ancient DNA reveals genetic 'continuity' between Stone Age, modern populations in East Asia
» World Heritage sites getting hammered by human activities
» Bag-like sea creature was humans' oldest known ancestor
» Preservation and protection of cultural heritage objects
» Anthropologists uncover art by (really) old masters
» Ancient Indus civilization's adaptation to climate change
» Leprosy strain genotyped from medieval pilgrim at UK burial site
» Advanced geometry no secret to prehistoric architects in US Southwest
» Mapping the migration of house shrews to illuminate historical trade networks
» Archaeologists uncover new clues to Maya collapse
» Wolf-size extinct otter discovered: 6.24 million years old
» Virtual Renaissance
» Discovery adds rock collecting to Neanderthal's repertoire
» First humans arrived in North America a lot earlier than believed
» Twelve new tombs discovered in Gebel el Silsila, Egypt
» Viruses in genome important for our brain
» Cultural differences may leave their mark on DNA
» Byzantine skeleton yields 800-year-old genomes from a fatal infection