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Kevin and I packed up the Miata one hot day in July of 2003 and made a 3000 mile round-trip drive down to the Grand Canyon.
  • Heading Out

    7 photos

    We began by packing our stuff into the back of the Miata and heading off into the sunset.

  • Lake McConaughy I

    12 photos

    We made it as far as Lake McConaughy before we stopped the first night. We camped in the woods on the side of the lake, pitching the tent in a nice soft sandy spot.

  • Colorado

    17 photos

    On the second day we headed into the mountains and made our way on to Curecanti.

  • Curecanti

    12 photos

    Our second night was spent at Curecanti National Recreation Area. It was a very cold night up in the mountains.

  • Red Mountain Pass

    31 photos

    We spent most of one day driving the pass between Montrose and Durango in Colorado. That stretch contained some of the best scenery of the entire trip.

  • Mesa Verde

    38 photos

    Ever since I saw pictures of them in my grade school social studies book, I've wanted to see the cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde. I finally got my chance as we went past it on our way through Colorado.

  • Four Corners

    16 photos

    It's a major tourist trap, but since we were driving right past Four Corners I insisted we stop and have the opportunity to stand in four states at once.

  • Kaibab Forest and Grand Canyon

    47 photos

    After three days of driving, we finally made it to the Grand Canyon's north rim.

  • Sunset Crater Volcano

    5 photos

    In Arizona we passed Sunset Crater, an old volcano. We decided to stop and check it out.

  • Meteor Crater

    16 photos

    When I was in grade school I also saw a picture of the big meteor crater in Arizona, and we happened to drive past on the way home. It wasn't really worth the stop, but I bet it would definitely be worth flying over.

  • Petrified Forest

    46 photos

    The petrified forest is a park full of rock-hard trees. We stopped to examine as many as we could in the course of one morning.

  • Santa Fe

    6 photos

    We made a quick stop by Santa Fe to visit DesertDave.

  • Lake McConaughy II

    3 photos

    Our last night was spent back at Lake McConaughy.