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In March of 2005, I took a trip with Sarah, Libby, Erin, Steve, Steve, and Emily to visit Alan in London.
  • Day One

    28 photos

    During which we flew over, stopped at the Westminster area, went to Westminster Cathedral, and bummed around the hostel.

  • Day Two

    83 photos

    During which we went to the Tower of London, stopped by the Globe Theatre, looked at St. Paul's and other old buildings, and went to Alan's birthday party.

  • Day Three

    81 photos

    During which we saw Westminster Abbey, the Parliament Houses, wandered through a big park, saw Buckingham Palace, looked at Trafalgar Square, crossed Abbey Road, and saw Sherlock Holmes' office.

  • Day Four

    38 photos

    During which we went to Oxford and saw old colleges, old buildings, and ate at the pub where J.R.R. Tolkein and C.S. Lewis hung out together. Also stopped by the Tower of London for some night pictures.

  • Day Five

    69 photos

    During which I went to the British Museum and saw all of the world's old stuff.

  • Day Six

    11 photos

    During which we went to the National Gallery (which did not allow photography) and wandered through Hyde Park.

  • Day Seven

    23 photos

    During which we went to the Royal Observatory and the Imperial War Museum.

  • Day Eight

    8 photos

    During which I flew back all day.