gaddr 1.0

Congratulations on downloading version 1.0 of gaddr, the GTK Address Book!
You are now well on your way to peace and tranquility...  Or something
like that...

gaddr is a nice simple little address book written using the GTK+ widget
set.  Those of you who have used laddr, the Lesstif Address Book might
find it fairly familiar, as I one off the other.  (In fact, I wrote both
of them!)  Why an address book?  Because I looked all over for one that I
liked, and came up empty handed each time.  So, I decided to write my own.
Why GTK+?  Well, I had originally started writing my addressbook using
GTK, but quickly ran into problems due to the lack of documentation.  So I
turned to Lesstif.  After laddr reached 1.0 stage, the GTK version started
saying "Bring me back to life...  I want to be finished..."  After
carefully ignoring it for a month or two, a guy I know told me that I
should port laddr to GTK.  Well, that convinced me to try it out.  And it
apparently worked, and even has some improvements.

So, what's it do?  Well, it holds addresses and any other information you
want to know about a person.  It also looks pretty, and is fairly small
both in executable size and screen real estate size.  It basically acts
like a pile of alphabetized 3x5 cards on which you can write whatever your
little heart desires.  It will then save them on exit so you can load them
up over and over.  Of course, adding and deleting cards is a simple task,
and with a couple clicks, the information is right back at your
fingertips.  To save your changes, be sure you use the "Quit" button when
exiting.  When version 1.1 comes along I will have that fixed, but at the
moment that is how it works.  Overall, I think it is wonderful.
(Although, I am probably a little biased...)

The internals of the program rely on CoryDB, a database that consists of a
linked list as written by Matt Fisher.  I am eternally in debt to him, and
now will have to learn to program stuff in Windows just so he can use it,
too. :)  Thanks Matt!

Ok, that is all I have to babble about.  The latest version of gaddr will
probably be available at at all times.
I should also be contactable at at about all
times.  So, let me know what you think and what new stuff should be

Cory Lueninghoener

Cory Lueninghoener
Last modified: Tue Feb 16 18:50:27 CST 1999