For whatever reason, I enjoy hopping on a frame made of metal tubes that's supported by two wheels and using it to whip myself around town, trails, or whatever else I can find. I wouldn't classify myself as a power-biker, but I like to make use of one whenever I can to explore weird places or just get me to work in the morning. Sometimes I even pack my little bike up with gear and take short or long trips with it.

Arroyo de los Chamisos

The Arroyo de los Chamisos path is a nice paved route from the south-west corner of Santa Fe up to the north-central area. It's not a technical route by any means, but it was a nice relaxing path to visit in August of 2010.
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Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie

South of Chicago is an old amunition depot that is now Midewin Tallgrass Prairie. The riding there isn't too special, but the scenery is. I decided to check it out in June of 2007
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Oldfield Oaks

One day as I was driving home from Argonne, I saw a new sign for a new forest perserve on Lemont Road. In May of 2007 I decided to investigate.
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Waterfall Glen

North of Lemont and south of I-55 in the Chicago suburbs is Waterfall Glen, a forest preserve that surrounds Argonne National Laboratory. I spent a lot of time at Argonne during and right after school, so I had lots of time to explore the preserve while I was there.
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I&M Canal

In the 1800s, the Illinois and Michigan Canal stretched from Chicago all the way out to Illinois River. It was used for shipping of goods for a few years, and then the railroad suddenly made it obsolete. Today there is a multi-use path that stretches over a very long stretch of the original canal, and in July of 2006 Kevin and I went on a 100 mile overnight ride along the trail.
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Lincoln Tour

Lincoln, Nebraska has a fantastic paved bike path network that I used a bunch for commuting when I was a grad student. In the fall of 2003, I decided to explore some patches that I had never visited.
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When I got my bike, i wanted it for two things: to ride around in the woods, and to get me to and from places I needed to go. My first bike earned most of its miles getting me to and from school/work, including one summer where it was the only form of transportation I had the entire summer. Today I try to ride my bike to work at least two or three times a week in the summer, but sometimes the weather or my schedule just don't cooperate.

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