Bikes are good for a number of things, and one of those is getting you out to see things you normally wouldn't. I've taken my bikes out on a variety of adventures, and sometimes I write up what I've found.
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I've been using a bike to get to and from work and school ever since I was in college, but it was surprisingly long before I recognized that I could actually use a bike to get almost everywhere. In 2015, I set a goal to ride my bike to work every day during the summer. I latar expanded it to be during Daylight Saving Time, and more recently I've been doing it year-round.

Of course, I've learned some things along the way. Some of my tips inclue:


When I got my mountain bike in 2004, I figured I had my bike to keep forever. When I got my commuting bike in 2014, I was sure I would never need another bike. When I got my folding bike in 2018, I stopped making predictions.