I started driving Christine in the fall of 1995, when I was a junior in high school. I sold her to a salvage yard in December of 2002, during my second year of grad school. She netted $25.

Christine sure is a fine car.

A good swift kick would have removed her back bumper with ease.

The rust on the driver's side door is worse than it looks.

See? I told you so. Also note the nice back tire. The tire was fine, but the wheel was rusting through.

Really, though, she worked quite well as a car overall. Her hood was in great shape.

A detail of the rust on the passenger side door.

Ronald McDonald visited the photo shoot on a piece of trash.

There's that high quality back tire.

My GQ shot with Christine. I'm the one on the left.


With a face like that, how could you not want to make out with her?

I made some fake "in transit" stickers to put up in the window before I took her plates off. The dirt is because she hadn't been driven in about two months at that point.

Everybody loves Big Fuzzy Steering Wheel Covers (tm).

Of course, everybody needs something hanging from their mirror. I chose to hang Timon, from The Lion King.