On its surface, "hiking" sounds like a rather boring thing to me: you go out, walk around someplace, and get back to where you started. Net work performed: zero. But it turns out that if you take a camera along and pay attention to what's around you, it's a lot of fun. Even better is taking a GPS along and recording traces for later use, and even better still is setting crazy goals of weird places to get to and then repeatedly getting lost on the way. I've done all of these.

Red Dot Trail

There is nearly a mile of elevation difference between the mountins behind Los Alamos and the Rio Grande in front of it. The Red Dot Trail drops into the river's valley to visit the low end of the scale, and I decided to check it out in July of 2011.
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Caballo Peak

The clearing at the top of Caballo Mountain had taunted me ever since I moved to Los Alamos, so in May of 2011 I stepped up to the challenge and hiked up there.
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Cañada Bonita

The Jemez Mountains are quite pretty in the fall, with two dominant colors: conifer green and aspen yellow. In October of 2010 I hiked up to Cañada Bonita (and beyond!) to take a look at the views.
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Cave of the Winds

There's a room-sized cave on the side of Los Alamos Canyon that can be reaced via the Cave of the Winds trail, and in August of 2010 I went looking for it. It tried its best to hide from me, but I found it after a few tries.
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Bandelier National Monument

Not far from Los Alamos is Bandelier National Monument, a large park with camping, hiking, and nice collection of native ruins. In April of 2010 we spent an afternoon exploring the popular parts.
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Starved Rock State Park

Out beyond the suburbs of Chicago, on the banks of the Illinois River, lies Starved Rock State Park. It's about as rugged as it gets in Illinois, with sandstone cliffs, waterfalls, and a nice path throught he woods. In June of 2007, Lis and I headed out there to take a look.
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... And the rest

Other places I've explored on foot include:
AmsterdamAustin • Chicago • London • Los Alamos • San FranciscoSydney • Starved Rock State Park • Matthiessen State Park • Bandelier National Monument • Muir Woods National Monument • Santa Fe National Forest • Arches National ParkGrand Canyon National ParkMesa Verde National ParkPetrified Forest National ParkWhite Sands National MonumentBlue MountainsMagnetic Island