A Basement Shelves

At some point in the past, somebody did a strange job of finishing the basement in our house. One of the oddities is a long hallway around the furnace room that leads to a bathroom in one corner of the basement. The hallway is too wide to just be a hall, but too narrow for any shelves we've seen anywhere. Basically, it was just wasted space until I decided to build some shelves for it.
These are the plans I drew up for my shelves. The hallway they'll go in to is L-shaped, with the wider section being just over eight feet long. With that in mind, I designed around using a couple of sheets of plywood cut in long strips as the shelf floors. The framework is a bunch of 2x2s. I'm sure there are plenty of better ways to build this set of shelves, but this looked like a great way to get the job done and try out some new stuff in the process.
The first step was to build the four upright parts of the frame. Once I had cut the crosspieces to size, I set them in place on the workbench, clamped them together, and drove screws in good and tight.
The final result was a nice, straight bit of framework. I just had to do it three more times after this one was done.
The next step was the worst part: I had to wait until the snow had melted enough that I could go out and cut the plywood. It took a couple of months, but we eventually had a nice enough day that I was able to do it. I once again used my poor man's table saw to get the job done.
Once the shelves were cut, I tossed them up on the sawhorses to cut notches for the framework. This was the weirdest part of this venture for me, and I wasn't sure I actually knew how to cut notches that would line up correctly. But if I didn't have them, leaving room for the framework would make the shelves too thin to be useful. I just clamped them together and cut them out with a sabre saw.
See? The notches turned out alright in the end.
After the shelves were cut it was just a matter of of putting the pieces together. Here's the final product, complete with some of our junk starting to fill them up. I'm sure some new ones from Ikea would have looked a lot more fashionable, but these work pretty well for a set of basement shelves.