A Play Kitchen

At some point in the fall of 2010, Lis noted that I should think about building Maddy a play kitchen for Christmas. So I searched the web, found some ideas I liked, and drew up a set of plans. Two sheets of plywood, a box of screws, some cans of paint, and a month later and I was finished.
My plans called for two pieces to be built: a refrigerator, and a stove/oven/sink combo. The fridge was more simple than the other part, so I decided to start with it. These are all of the pieces cut out and ready to be assembled.
Not being too fancy of a woodworker, I took a simple route for attaching the walls of the fridge to the shelf pieces: I glued skinny pieces of plywood to the shelves, and then just screwed the sides into them. It is sturdy and easy.
With the application of a few screws, the box that makes up the fridge was complete. With the back and the sides in place, the whole contraption feels quite strong and able to stand up to a two-year-old.
The false-front style of the front door gives the fridge a nice retro feel without the added difficulty of making a rounded top for the back. I'm happy with how it turned out.
After the fridge was built, I moved on to cutting out the pieces for the other half. This one was more complex than the fridge: along with being twice as wide, it has lots of details. I had to cut out burners, knobs, sink hardware, and a door with a window in it. This part had a lot more pieces to it.
With the pieces cut, I started the assembly process. I used the same "glued strips" trick again to make a surface to screw into.
Here is a test fit of the main body and the knobs, burners, and faucet pieces. All of the extra pieces came off for painting, but seeing them all together let me know I was on the right track.
The next step was to paint everthing. All of the little hardware pieces got painted on the kitchen counter, while the big pieces were hidden away in a spare room where kiddo and kitty couldn't get to them while they dried. Painting was definitely the slowest part of the process.
I eventually finished the painting process and put everything together for real. I added chains to the insides of all of the doors to keep them from opening too far (else their hinges would have ripped right out of the sides). You can also see that I painted the fridge doors with some magnetic primer we had left over from Maddy's room. That way we can stick stuff to them, just like a real one. I look forward to having doll homework hanging on them.